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I, and therefore Vesikaste practically has years, or rather decades of experience already with children’s swimming and water activities. At first it was a hobby in a swimming club and later a part of my physical education instructor job.

The company itself, Vesikaste Oy was founded in the beginning of the year 2009. At first the company offered different water activity services for kids and adults. The services have included swimming for babies and families, EasySwim swimming schools, swim clubs, specialized swimming instruction for people with disabilities, and private instruction for children and adults. Doing swimming instruction I noticed how kids’ swimming equipment was often of poor quality. I took different kinds of accessories on my swimming instruction lessons, and started to sell some proven products to others.

Three years ago on a trip abroad I saw a mermaid for the first time. It inspired me to bring mermaid swimming and mermaiding to Finland. Children now have less physical activities and many hobby sports can feel too serious. Mermaiding is supposed to be about joy, having fun, and enjoying water, while at the same time improving fitness. Myself I had always hoped to swim like a mermaid. It has come true at last. 🙂

I then began to look for a good manufacturer to make mermaid products. When one was finally found, I started to import mermaid tails and monofin flippers to Finland. Mermaid tails have now been sold to Finland in the Vesikaste webshop since 2017. Interest in Vesikaste’s mermaid products has risen elsewhere as well, so now the webshop is opened to Sweden.

Terms and conditions
Updated 17th November 2018.

1. Webshop

The vesikaste.net webshop is operated by:

Vesikaste Oy (Business ID: FI29110369)
Arja Lundeqvist
Murronkaari 7
30420 Forssa

2. Ordering products

We currently only deliver to Finland and Sweden, but are getting ready to make international orders to other European Union countries possible.

The products are ordered using the shopping cart at www.vesikaste.net. The customer must agree to our terms & conditions to place an order.

The orders are then confirmed with an email. Receiving an order confirmation requires providing us your email address and phone number while making an order. You will receive a tracking code via email and phone, allowing you to see where your order is moving.

3. Payment methods

We are using Klarna as our payment service provider. This allows us to accept a variety of payment methods including Swedish and Finnish banks’ internet payments, credit cards, and the flexible billing options of Klarna.

4. Shipping methods

All of our webshop products are immediately available, and shipped either on the day of the order or the day after it. For shipping we mainly use Posti, a Finnish logistics service provider. Orders are shipped according to Posti’s terms and conditions. Deliveries within Finland take 1–2 days, and an estimated 3–6 days to other EU countries.

In the “Additional information” of shipping methods, you can also select a parcel point or post office of your liking. The products can also be picked up without shipping costs, but a pick up time must be specifically agreed. Vesikaste does not have fixed office premises, so pick ups must always be agreed separately.

5. Shipping costs

Pick ups are free of shipping costs. Shipping costs for packages depend on the package size (around 3–8 € in both Finland and Sweden). Orders exceeding 150 € can be shipped free of charge. If the total cost of an order exceeds 150 €, choose the free shipping option.

6. Returns

You have a right to change or return a normal priced and unused product within 14 days of receiving the shipment.This right is invalid if the product has been used. According to the Finnish consumer rights legislation, the customer is liable to cover the costs of a return. If you forget to pick up the order at your destination, its re-delivery costs are charged.

Before a change or return, please contact us via info@vesikaste.net or +358 407687746.

7. Reclamations

If a product is defective or damaged during shipping, notify about it immediately.

Reclamations are handled by contacting us via info@vesikaste.net or +358 407687746.

8. Customer information

Customer information will not be handed to 3rd parties.

See the privacy policy of Vesikaste Oy for more information.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions. A customer must get acquainted with the currently valid terms & conditions before ordering.

Privacy policy
Updated 17th November 2018.

This is the privacy policy of Vesikaste Oy based on the Finnish personal information law (Henkilötietolaki 10 and 24 §) and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Made on 01.09.2018 and valid until further notice.

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy as necessary. Our website is being developed constantly. We ask you to visit this privacy policy page from time to time.

By using the www.vesikaste.net contact form, registration, or webshop, you accept this privacy policy.

Vesikaste Oy, Murronkaari 7, 30420 Forssa, Finland
Business ID: FI29110369

Arja Lundeqvist c/o Vesikaste Oy,  Murronkaari 7, 30420 Forssa, Finland
Email: info@vesikaste.net

“Verkkokaupan www.vesikaste.net ja www.vesikaste.fi rekisteri- ja tietosuojaseloste.”

Customer’s personal information is used to handle payments/billing and to maintain, handle, and develop customer relations, as well as to help with analysis, marketing, statistics, produce and offer services. Marketing messages might be sent via email, but very rarely.

The register handles following types of information:

  • First and last name
  • Company name (if ordering as a company)
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Order details and tracking codes
  • Information declared by the customer related to handling customer relations and/or marketing

Information related to the customer can be handled, within the legal limits of the personal information law on the registers owned by Vesikaste.

Personal information will not be retained longer than necessary for its purpose, or demanded in a contract or law. Any physical material maintained manually will be destroyed by burning.

Information stored in the register is obtained from the customer though the order or contact forms, emails, phone, social media services, contracts, customer meetings and other situations when a customer hands over information.

Information in the register will not be handed over to 3rd parties, with the exception of technical administration of the webshop, for example server admins. The register data is not transferred or disclosed outside EU or ETA countries.

Personal information can be added to email service and cloud service administered by Microsoft, whose servers might be located outside EU. However, these services are committed to abide by the European Union’s GDPR.

The information system and files of the registrar have been secured using technical protection processes used widely in business transactions. Usage of the register requires a used ID and password which is in the sole possession of the responsible registrar person.

All databases are located within locked areas.

Information related to the orders made through the webshop can be found in the admin interface of the website, which is also protected with a strong password.

The website is hosted on a server of Louhi Net Oy.

Manually maintained physical material are located within areas restricted from irrelevant people.

As per the personal information law, a customer has a right to check, request to change or delete their own information stored in the register.

A check request must be sent in physical mail and with a signature, to the following address:
Arja Lundeqvist, Vesikaste Oy, Murronkaari 7, 30420 Forssa, Finland

A change or deletion request can be done by sending an email to us at info@vesikaste.net.


Mermaid tails
The mermaid tails are made of breathable, quality fabric of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The fabric is 4-way stretchable. Use the size chart to choose the correct size. You should not leave too much room for growth to make sure the suit fits comfortably. If the child is very slim and tall, it’s recommended to select a size based on waist and hip measurements and ignore the waist-to-floor measurement. Similarly to swimsuit fabric, the tail fabric cannot withstand mechanical abrasion. Try to avoid rubbing the tail against the poolside and floor.
Monofin flipper
The interior of the monofin flipper is made of flexible PVC plastic, making it durable and fracture-proof. On top of the plastic part there is a neoprene cover with sewn openings for feet and a small ankle support. The flipper is only suitable for swimming, not hopping or other kind of movement. The children’s flipper is meant for mermaid tail sizes 6, 8, 10, and 12. The adults’ flipper is designed to fit mermaid tail sizes XS, S, M, and L. If a child’s feet are over size 38 and adult-like, an adult size flipper should be chosen with the XS size mermaid tail. If a child’s foot size is under 30, notify this in the order details so I can send you a flipper with smaller openings. To swim like a mermaid, you a need both the mermaid tail and the monofin flipper! They are sold separately.

Order a flipper »

Suiting up
The mermaid tail and monofin flipper should be put on by the edge of the pool or beach, so that getting directly into the water is possible with the suit. The flipper is fitted in the tail one tip first, and then the rest of the flipper is put in place. Roll open the swimming suit and slip your feet into the flipper. There is a slot intended for feet, but you have to make sure that the feet are fully in and the ankle opening points upwards. The suit can also be put on by pulling the suit on first, then fitting your feet in the flipper and pulling the tail back down over the flipper. The feet openings are designed to be tight to keep the feet in place better when swimming! The flipper might be difficult to put on at first, but will be comfortable after a couple times of practise.

It is recommended to practise taking off the suit in water, so being released from the tail and flipper is possible when necessary. First, take one foot out of the flipper and kick the flipper off using the free foot. Then drop the suit down using your hands and swim out of it. Children must always be supervised by adults when swimming.

Watch a YouTube video on how to put on the suit and how to take it off in water.

After use
After using the mermaid tail and monofin flipper, please wash them with cold or lukewarm water and carefully squeeze the extra water off. Do not twist the fabric, for it might stretch and damage its structure. The product can also be washed in a washing machine with a small amount of mild detergent in 30°C. Don’t use bleach or softener products, and don’t iron or tumble-dry it. Dry it in a well ventilated place.
Safety instructions
IMPORTANT! Swimming with the mermaid tail requires good swimming skills (minimum 50 m), and it’s not a rescue tool. A child must be able to float on their back and belly, and to dive effortlessly before using the tail suit. On the first swim a parent must be in touching range, as swimming with the tail is different compared to using full legs. Therefore, swimming with the tail initially weakens swimming skills, as opposed to strengthening them. As one gets accustomed to swimming with the tail, it is easy to move fast with it and also get quickly too deep. This is something to remember especially when swimming in natural waters. A parent must ALWAYS supervise swimming children.

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