Rubber swimfins for kids

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Kids love swimming with flippers, as they allow swimming faster, even when they are unable to swim without swimming aids.

  • The swimfins aid swimming and give beginners a better feel of water resistance
  • Great for someone with weak muscle strength
  • For kids with motor difficulties
  • For kids with growth disorders due to delayed development
  • Also for smaller feet when using them with anti-slip socks
  • Fins made of latex tolerate both sea and pool water well
  • The flipper colour depends on the size: black, orange, or blue
  • Sizes: 22–24, 24–26, 26–29, 30–33, 34–35, 36–38
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Rubber swimfins or flippers for kids

Absolutely the best swimfins or flippers for kids. The soft and flexible fins are great for playing in the water, as kicks cannot accidentally hurt a friend. The rubber swimfins are also well suitable for swimming instruction and both indoor and outdoor use. The fins give power and speed for swimming and diving.

If the flippers are too big, you can use them with anti-slip socks.

The flipper colour depends on the size. They are dual coloured.

Additional information

Swimfins size

22–24, 24–26, 26–29, 29–33, 33–35, 35–37, 37–39