SwimTrainer swimming aid


SwimTrainer swimming aid float. It’s made of plastic and has 5 inflatable sections. Floating capacity 6–18 kg.

ATTENTION! SwimTrainer is not a rescue tool. A swimming child must always be supervised!

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SwimTrainer swimming aid float

SwimTrainer swimming aid float is designed for young children between 3 months and 4 years old. SwimTrainer helps the child to get used to water, and find the correct swimming position and leg motions.

  • SwimTrainer is easy and fast to put on
  • All SwimTrainers are made of plastic and they have 5 inflatable sections
  • Well suited for family swimming with several kids in water at the same time
  • The swim aid has a handle for pulling and swimming together with the child
  • Many have gotten it when traveling south for holidays, suitable for both the beach and pools

For 1–4-year-olds, Malmsten arm floats are also a great option.

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